[Video] DJ’s genius gift to Larry (1987)

How intelligent and connected were those two guys? That amazing play shows just how smart Dennis Johnson and Larry Bird were, and how many hours they must have spent figuring out each others games… Doing that in the most crucial game of an incredibly close Eastern Conference Finals series, and fooling elite defensive players like Dennis Rodman (who was only a rookie but already played an important role on the Pistons) and Bill Laimbeer, I mean, you gotta have extreme confidence in your ability. As soon as Larry saw DJ starting his move, he just turned his back to the ball and KNEW exactly where it would fall. This play his the perfect proof that those Celtics teams just outthought their opponents. With just a little more luck and Len Bias, they would have repeated. And maybe more…

~ by J-S Blondel on May 13, 2009.

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